Who Are We?

Diversified Solutions is an experienced, professional and effective sales agency representing manufacturers and service providers to the grocery industry at the wholesale and corporate levels nationwide.

What Makes Us Unique?

Synergies produced by the integration of our talents and work experience generate a creative, confident, and professional sales team both customer-driven and sales-driven. We have great respect for each other and we work as one. We succeed together and enjoy the sales process. We are not apprehensive to engage the marketplace and develop strong business relationships with vendors we represent and customers we diligently serve. Collaborating with customers and clients to sell products comes naturally. Put our unique synergy to work for you!

Our Logo

Synergy is defined as the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. At Diversified Solutions this is a reality. Our team has an amazing “sales synergy” that is far greater than the simple sum of our individual efforts. Our logo symbolizes this fact. The merging of our individual talent, ability, experience and effort creates a very unique and tangible vitality. We are four singular paint strokes who, when joined together, generate growth as symbolized by the green star that is formed by our union.

Our Values

Since our inception 10 years ago Diversified Solutions has always valued professional and candid interactions with both the vendors we represent and the customers we diligently serve. We strive to be timely, accurate, and responsive in all of our communications.

Our Portfolio

The portfolio of vendors Diversified Solutions represent includes packaging, printing, and imaging supply companies.

Our Reach

Diversified Solutions manages accounts and clients in every region of the United States.

The Team

Keith Jones
Managing Partner
Paducah, KY
Keith is Founder of Diversified Solutions. He is a natural, gifted leader who sets the direction for our Team. We describe Keith as a man of action who is resolutely persistent, strategic, and a creative problem solver. His 35 years of experience in the packaging industry is extensive. Keith’s sales strategies and career are profoundly effective.
Stephen Smith
Managing Partner
Nashville, TN
As a Managing Partner, Steve drives our communication. From developing presentations and proposals to managing details of spreadsheets, he is an irreplaceable member of our team. Our personable team member is passionate, creative and innovative. Steve has enjoyed great success in packaging sales for more than 25 years.
Debbie Ramirez
Administrative Manager
St. Louis, MO
Debbie is our amazing Administrative Manager. Prior to joining Diversified Solutions, Debbie spent 23 years as a scheduling and distribution manager in the manufacturing sector of the packaging industry. Debbie is customer-driven and results-driven. Her attention to detail and compassionate heart makes her a valuable team member.
Allyson Tressel
National Account Executive
Minneapolis, MN
Allyson has served as Senior Merchandising Manager of Store Supplies for a top 5 Wholesale Grocer. Her experience in supply procurement is extensive and she keenly understands the Wholesale Grocer’s perspective having lived it for 16 years. Her professionalism, communication and leadership skills come naturally to her. Allyson is extremely efficient and she handles responsibility seemingly effortlessly and with a boundless, positive demeanor.

A Few Personal Comments About The Team